Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I should choose Stop Home Repossessions instead of real estate agents?

The common real estate agents lag in terms of fetching an effective value for your home. In addition, they take up excessive time as well as charge you for their services. We at Stop Home Repossessions offer credible services with robust selling process with no fee in exchange for our services.

How the value of my house is calculated ?

With the initialization of the process, our professional surveyors conduct the survey. This allows us to consolidate our offers. In addition, we also engage in initial discussions with you that allows us to form our offer, which is subjected to the inspection, contract and the survey conducted.

What is the next step if I decide to accept the offer?

When you have decided on using our services for selling your home fast and accepted our offer, we then form two separate appraisals. At this time, we will make a formal offer that when accepted by you will allow us to contact out solicitors that will issue the contract for the process.

Do you charge for your services?

We offer fee-free services from the initialization to the completion of the process. We will facilitate you by paying the fee during the process so you do not have to pay.

Do you offer services if I have mortgage payments?

We at Stop Home Repossessions provide credible services to stop your lenders from repossessing your homes. This is why we make quick buying and selling of the house to prevent such incidents from happening.

How quickly do you pay?

We specialize in effective property selling and buying process. Our sales are mostly concluded within two to three weeks. Your payments will also be cleared within the same span. In case there is need of urgency, our experts will work to conclude the sale process within a week while assessing the situation.

Do I need to provide any documents?

You do not need to provide any documents or other credentials to Stop Home Repossessions during the process. The process will be conducted through our agreement, which will lead to instruction valuations.

Can I choose to discontinue my terms if my situation changes?

Stop Home Repossessions offer you the choice of withdrawing from the procedure anywhere between ‘home buyer’s report’ and our principle offer. You can withdraw until the legal contracts are exchanged. If the contracts are exchanged, you cannot withdraw from the offer.

Will my details be protected?

We offer complete customer integrity as well as assurance in terms of protecting your information. The customer information is our valuable asset and we ensure that your information remains protected throughout as well as the entire process.