7 Days to completion

Stop Home Repossessions have over 45 years of experience when it comes to quick home buyers

What is the special thing in stop home repossessions, There are no hidden solicitor, valuation or estate agency fees.

Sales are generally completed within three weeks and there are no house chains involved, so a fast home sale is always guaranteed.

We offer time constraints and complete the entire process for your facilitation at best.

Estate Agents

Estate agents monitor the property market and negotiate with buyers to sell your home.

Homes can stay on the market from a few days to several months.

You will be required to pay solicitor and valuation fees, as well as between 0.75% and 3% of the agreed selling price in commission.

All estate agency fees must be clearly noted before listing a property for sale, so there are no additional charges and most don’t charge for withdrawing a home from the market.


Selling at auction is useful for those wanting a quick sale of a dilapidated or short lease property.

Sales are generally guaranteed, as the buyer must pay 10% of the asking price once the hammer falls and then has a month to pay the remaining 90%.

Demand from multiple buyers can quickly drive up the price of a property, but you should expect to pay 2.5% of that to the auctioneer.

Process from instruction to exchange of contracts can be achieved.

Why Sell?

Martial issue

There can be ups and downs in married life. Getting separated or divorce can possibly result in selling your family home that was once purchased with your loved one.

Equity Release

There comes a time when you have outstanding debts that may put financial pressure on you. Equity release allows you to sell part or your complete home to get financial support.

Saving for Retirement

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Buying New House

Maybe you have your eyes on a new house, or your family is expanding. Buying a new home will mean that you may require some financial assistance.


There are no coincidences when it comes to inheriting money or property. If you have inherited a property, you may decide to sell your old home if it is no longer required.

House Repossession

Having mortgage arrears can result in your home being repossessed. Thus, selling your home will prevent from the house being repossessed, as well as give you effective financial support to pay off any arrears.

Medical Issues

Medical bills can be hefty and selling your house can give you effective support while applying the for shelter homes

High Mortgage

Residents with high mortgages will only result in arrears leading to your home being repossessed. If you are in mortgage arrears, it may be better to sell your home to avoid it being repossessed.

Death in the Family

The death of loved ones can be painful. Many people sell the home due to the financial debts or in the memory of their late loved one

Our services providers will assess the condition of the house to offer an informal offer regarding the value of your house. On accepting the offer, we will instruct our Asset Management team to coordinate the process in terms of the evaluation of your property.

Stop Home Repossessions will send our well experienced professional surveyors that will review your house and formulate a report in detail. This report analysis, when received by our coordinators, will assess formulate a formal offer for your house. You have a time to think about us.

The way we approach will give you enough time to think about our offer  , If you accept the offer, stop home repossessions will instruct the preparation of the contract. In addition, we will also be covering the solicitor fee for you to facilitate you as much as possible.

Moreover, Stop Home Repossessions offer £500 towards any client’s legal fee if in case they hire their own surveyors or lawyers in the process.

Once every document and the agreements are completed, Stop Home Repossessions will proceed with the process in terms of giving you a completion date.

On accepting the offer, we will instruct our Asset Management team to coordinate the process in terms of the evaluation of your property.

For your facilitation, you are obliged to view any of the reports formulated by our surveyors to mitigate any misunderstanding or correct any mismanaged information. You are required to be transparent and honest while providing your information to smoothen the entire process.

Rapid process completion, it can go up to 2-3 weeks maximum due to any inconvenient factor. You will have a week until you can stay in your house. This facility is also provided to help you pack your things sufficiently.

Stop home repossessions has the fastest way to process  on property,  Once the process is complete, you will receive your payments in the accounts that you have provided. In addition, our representatives will notify you about the payment as well.